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Name:Tristan Gray
Birthdate:Dec 8
Name: My name is Tristan Gray. It is nice to make your acquaintance. Did that sound convincing? Mm, of course it did. What is his is mine. What is yours is likely mine as well. There are no minds that are not open to me, for I have existed in the blood and minds of my progeny for thousands of years. I am Ventru, but I find it convenient to maintain the fiction of being Tristan Gray for a while longer, at least. The game is still played in the shadows, after all, and it would not do for my enemies to realize I have preemptively taken a direct hand in it while they still see fit to make small subtle moves from the depths of their torpor. Indeed, it is still most convenient for them to consider me dead. Ha! As if a mind as great as mine could die with the body, even one so powerful as mine once was before Brujah managed to...[snarls] No. We do not speak of that worm.

Race: I suppose that you could say I was human. "Was" is, of course, the operative word. I am a vampire now, although I am not quite certain that has been classified as a "race" per se. I am certain that many including myself would lobby for it to be so were our existence not secret. It is quite hard to classify something that does not exist. Isn't Tristan delightful? Oh, do not worry, he is still in here...somewhere. Perhaps he even shows through in me. Identity becomes so murky when one completely subsumes another's mind.

Age: Now that is a good question. I am 678 years old. Why yes, that does put me as being from the 1300s. This body is so very young. My skills and secret knowledges enhance it, yes, but that only goes so far. I must enhance it by devouring the essences of other Kindred, but they are all so WEAK. It's disgusting. The blood is watered down. It will take many of them to sate me, and many more to return me to my former glory, but that is what they are there for, is it not? Mewling cattle. They are not worth their heritage.

Clan: Can't you tell? Ventrue, naturally. It is named after me, after all.

Alignment: *chuckles softly* Gray, of course. But most will consider me evil. That does tend to be the way between prey and predator.

Description: Most would describe me as tall, slender, and blond with cold gray eyes. That, of course, is obvious. Many acknowledge my nearly overwhelming charisma and impeccable taste as well. You will note that my clothes are only the finest wares a man of my stature may buy. Gucci, Armani, etc. I am very easy to get along with should you remain on my good side. Should you somehow find yourself not in my good graces...well...let us say that you will not find your existence an easy one. My reach is long as my memory, and my memory is long indeed. I do forgive, but generally for a price.

I was the Prince of the whole of southern California, before it fell to the werewolves and the lesser vampires. Ah, so many signs of the Gehenna. Honestly, I should be EXPECTED. I am the benefactor to many Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), I quietly run many groups of lobbyists, and I have given generously to the campaigns of every politician including Schwarzenegger when he was in office and, yes, Obama. I must admit, I do miss good old Bush, as he was particularly easy to sway. Perhaps his brother will win soon, but if he does not you may be assured that Hillary is also deeply in my pocket. You might be surprised how many pies I have a finger in, but be assured that I get what I want. All of these people know me by name, although not all of them have seen my face. Nothing in southern California was ever done without some sort of approval by me, and now the same is true of New York City. Which is now utterly mine.


I am the master of several Disciplines and I have at least passing knowledge of several more. My primary powers are over the mind and perception, as that is what really matters in the end, is it not? My own powers are far greater than Tristan's, but the concentration required to own this body taxes many of my resources. I will grow stronger with time. These powers are as follows:

Dominate: Your mind is an open book to me. Quite literally, I'm afraid. I am able to force people to follow simple commands, implant hypnotic suggestions that must be obeyed, erase memories that I deem unnecessary and perhaps replace them with more acceptable ones, and I am even able to absolutely possess a mortal human (but not a vampire). The best part is that the more I dominate a given individual, the more easily I am able to dominate that individual again in the future. Tristan's skill here was admirable, but paltry compared to what I can do. Your mind is what I will it to be.

Presence: This power is a bit more complicated that the simple cowing of the mind mentioned above. First of all, the greatest gift of this power is the ability to be stunningly (literally) handsome to the point that no one would dare defy me and most would rush to obey my every whim. None would dare risk my displeasure lest they risk not only my reproach but also that of every other creature in attendance. It can be risky to use this, however, for a politician made to appear weak is of no use to me and other Kindred that recognize this effect (or do not, perhaps) may hold grudges for centuries, plotting revenge at every turn. Such revenge is futile, of course, but it can get rather annoying. None can resist my allure. Why, Tristan rarely fights my control unless I slip in my concentration. Instead he welcomes me into his mind! As he should, of course.

I can use this power to lesser effect, of course, simply awing those in attendance to like me more, wishing to be closer to me and more receptive to my thoughts and suggestions. I can also entrance specific people into becoming my willing servants through a perverted sense of love and devotion to me, and this effect is quite long-lived, especially so long as I renew it. While dominate can be...dirty...robbing my servants of individual will and creativity, this ability to entrance does not although such servants are inherently more unpredictable. Ah love...what an easy to abuse emotion. Finally, I can do the opposite of everything mentioned above and activate a kind of dreadful gaze that absolutely and utterly terrifies my victims. Such terror is akin to madness and most never know it naturally.

Auspex: This is a discipline which I have more than dabbled in, although it is not one that is commonly taught to members of my clan. Many do know it, however, as we have many dealings with other socialite vampires such as the Toreador. Even still, they are usually not willing to divulge the full depths of the secrets of this power to us but I can be quite...persuasive...when need be. I am not a true master of this discipline, but I do have the heightened senses, the ability to read auras for emotional states and objects for their history, and telepathy. This last was what I was truly after, although I did not realize how long it would take to get to it. After all, in order to truly affect the mind, I must be able to get into it. Mastering telepathy allowed me to finally and more fully master my own clan's disciplines.

Physical Powers: I am slightly faster and stronger than the average mortal (Celerity and Potence level 1). What I truly excel at, however, is the ability to simply not be hurt. (Fortitude) Indeed, many even among my own clan refer to me as the Iron Prince, believing me to be unkillable by average means. Bullets have bounced from my chest, I have been hit by a bus and a train and survived (interesting stories, those), and I have fallen from great heights only to stand up, brush myself off, and curse ruining an expensive shirt. I have even survived stepping out into sunlight and the ravages of fire. I should specify that I am not, in fact, unkillable - it is simply much, much harder to accomplish it. Trust me, many have tried. The title of Prince can be a most dangerous one.


Like the rest of my kind, sunlight and fire are the hardest forms of damage to resist even with my great fortitude and would kill me given sufficient time. A stake through my heart paralyzes me. Also, I cannot feed upon a non-British human. I am simply too attached to my roots. Even under extreme duress and starvation, I will not feed upon any others not of British descent. Americans of British descent are poor substitutes, and in an emergency I may feed upon them, but only at my greatest disgust. I keep a stable of British kine in my home and they are my sustenance most nights.

It should be noted that my mental abilities mentioned above may be resisted by those with great willpower. However, such willpower will gradually decrease the more longer a person remains under my influence until they finally subject to my will if they do not leave. This body is strong by the standards of the watered down Kindred of today, but is a far cry from what I would wish. I must strengthen it. I must mold it into a proper permanent vessel for my true ascendance. And I must squash the will of Tristan once and for all so that his resistance to my control does not keep me from my full potential.


Ah, so you would know a bit about my history would you? Well, I hail from England as you can likely tell from my accent. Strangely enough, it has not faded with time. Oh, I can affect a more "neutral" accent associated with with the Mid-Western United States if I try, but why should I try? Most consider my accent to be pleasurable. I was born during the early 1300s. As you should know if you have studied history at all, this was during the supposed "dark ages". It was the middle dark ages, which meant that most struggled through life with no regard for the arts.

No, this did not apply to my family. If you thought for a moment that it did, then you demonstrate your intelligence. My lineage was strong. The family I hailed from were lords over their territory and had strong ties to the Church. Indeed, I had aspirations to join the Church and become a powerful figure within it. At that time, I suppose that I might have believed in their teachings to at least a certain extent, but I was primarily interested in the power. Oh, the power captivated me. I had higher goals than my family's ancestral territory. If I rose high enough in the Church, all of Europe would have been effectively my territory. That would have been real power, my friends. I went away to study at the Vatican in Rome.

Alas, word came one day that my family had met a most mysterious fate. They had all died by the hand of some silent assassin that had not left a mark upon any of them. Suddenly, I was the sole heir to a vast accumulated store of wealth, land, and peasantry. I rushed home, as it was my duty to retain control there and rebuild. Without the family to my name, I had only the territory and without that, my power in the Church would truly have been hollow. When I arrived home, I found a strange enigmatic man sitting in the parlor of my home. I immediately demanded to know what right he had to be there, but before I could finish my outburst, he looked up at me and smiled. With that look, I became captivated by him and was all to willing to let him engage in the strange act of biting me and draining me of blood. Before my life slowly bled away, I tasted a salty sweet taste and that was when I awoke to my new life.

In the nights that followed, I learned that my family had been killed in a bid for power by the vampiric clan Lasombra in the Church. I did not understand the details then, but I remember my feelings of rage well. I came very close to dying or becoming a Lasombra myself; I shall never know how close for it is uncertain what they would have done to me had I not returned home. It is likely that they expected me to stay within the Vatican under the foolish notion that I could recoup my power even without my family behind me. Such an underestimation of my intelligence has been to their detriment. The Ventrue had had their eyes upon me for quite some time, and the slaying of my family provided them with an opportune time to turn me and utilize my power and resources for the clan. I proved instrumental in holding the Lasombra back from the power they craved at that time and I gradually extended my power and reach even beyond that which my family had originally held.

In the intervening centuries, much happened that is not worth noting here. I increased and solidified my power and wealth both on my own and with the aid of the Ventrue. When the New World was settled, I kept my eye on it. I watched it grow, and when the West was taken by the United States, I moved there and began establishing a network there. Many years passed as I waited patiently, but eventually a Prince was needed in the region and I applied for the position. Naturally, I had set myself up long before as the only logical choice, and I was appointed by the Camarilla without much trouble.

For many years, I ruled over much of California. That all came to an end when an uprising of lesser vampires caused enough chaos in the region to invite the presence and wrath of the Garou. Now, due to that and other disasters, the land is virtually uninhabitable to my kind. I have moved to New York City, and despite the entrenched nature of the ruling elite there, I have made inroads and will soon be Prince. Because none stand a chance before the will of an antediluvian.

When Last We Saw Tristan:

Nobody has seen him since...but he (or his face and name) are about to reappear on the scene in a big way.
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